In this sense, our operating room team headed by veterinarian Rosa A. Seresola is capable of solving problems that cannot be solved by internal medicine and medication alone. In our center we have 2 operating rooms equipped with gas anesthesia and complete monitoring to perform almost any type of surgery ranging from the most routine such as sterilizations and castrations to digestive surgery, soft tissue surgery, oncological surgeries, tissue repair (skin and muscle), abscess treatment, splenectomies, removal of bladder stones (uroliths), oral cleaning and dental extractions,…
One of the most important points for us is that our patients have no stress or any kind of pain during the whole process and the awakening from anesthesia. For this we use the necessary drugs for proper analgesia and anesthesia in addition to the care provided by our professionals to make this possible, accompanying you throughout this process and in maintaining the post-surgical care you need.