Preventive Medicine

As we all know, there are many diseases that can affect our furry friends. Vaccines are used to prevent or diminish the effect of these diseases. There are different guidelines depending on the type of animal and its age that we will adapt to your particular case.
A very important part of prevention consists of periodic internal and external deworming to avoid such important diseases in our area due to their high prevalence as leishmaniasis, tick-borne diseases (Erhlichia, Ricketssia and Anaplasma), flies and mosquitoes (Dirofilaria), mites,…
Nor should we forget the mouth and teeth of your pet, as they are the entry route for many infections that can affect the digestive system and even the heart of our little ones, causing them serious problems.
Finally, to prevent and detect early any problem in our center we carry out campaigns to detect infectious diseases in dogs and cats and campaigns for geriatrics that we publish periodically on our social networks Facebook and Instagram to keep you informed and that you can adhere to them.